Common EIFS Problems/Repairs-Roofline

The  picture shows a common problem area found in many EIFS installations. This can be the cause of, and in this case, is the cause of water intrusion which resulted in damage to the structure of the building. 

In this picture, you can clearly see an opening at the bottom edge of the roofline, where the roof dies into the EIFS. Any water that is draing down from the step flashing, or wind driven, is going to drain behind the system and since it is not a "Water Managed EIFS" installation, the water will be trapped behind the EIFS and damage the sub-structure.

In addition to visual evidence, when tested with a moisture meter, the area demonstrated elevated moisture levels.

There are a few interacting faults effecting this area. The first is actually a roofing fault, that would have an adverse effect on any cladding system, EIFS or otherwise. 

The problem I speak of is the lack of a "kick-out" flashing. A kick-out flashing is a simple piece of metal flashing that is installed by the roofer, or whomever is responsible to prepare the building for the installation of the roof cover. The function of the kick-out flashing it to divert water away from the structure.

A kick-out flashing cost pennies, and is simple to install prior to the roof cover. It would have saved thousands of dollars worth of repairs, had it been installed originally. A certified EIFS inspection, prior to the installation would have avoided this costly repair.

Another installation error in this instance involves a clearence issue. There should be 2 inches of clearence from the bottom of the EIFS to the roof deck. There can be a "wicking" effect behind the EIFS, this clearence is to keep the water away from the system. It also prvides space to cleanout any debris, and to maintain the system. Finally, the gutter drain pipe that is dumping a great deal of water from the roof above should be extended, to drain away from this area.

Additional updates will be added to this article, as the job progresses.

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