What's Inspected

Depending upon your individual needs and the scope of the inspection, we carefully inspect your site.

If it is a new installation, and phased inspections are ordered, we inspect your site prior to the installation beginning. At this time we check to make sure that the sub structure is ready and suitable to have an EIFS system installed on it and make sure that the proper flashing is installed. We will also discuss the installation with your installer, to make sure that he is aware of particular installation techniques that we expect. After that, at the completion of each phase, and prior to the next phase starting, we will inspect the work and report whatever needs to be corrected.

If you are purchasing a home that has an existing EIFS system, we will carefully inspect it and perform a representitive number of moisture meter tests. The inspection will confirm a number of different installation techniques, maintenance issues and list damage, if any. This type of report will provide you with a clear understanding of the type of system, the condition of the system and what to expect for the future of the system. It can give you the information you may need, in order to make an informed decision as to whether you wish to purchase the home or not.

If you home has an existing EIFS system, it is important that you are aware of installation or maintenance issues that will effect the peformance of the system.

There are some major lending institutions that require an inspection EIFS systems prior to financing or refinancing. As an EDI Certified EIFS Inspector, I am able to provide you with the certified report that they ask for.

Comprehensive Home & Building Inspections


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