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If you own or are purchasing a building with EIFS, Stucco, Brick veneer, Stone veneer, etc:

Many buildings, regardless of age, price range, or location suffer from moisture (water) intrusion. Moisture (water) intrusion can damage your building and contents, and have a detrimental effect on the health of the buildings' occupants and the quality of life. Most causes of water intrusion can be corrected or maintained, but some can cause such damage that repairs can be very costly. Too often; when repairs are made, the causes of the damage is not properly addressed or corrected. Buyers must be very careful while purchasing a building. Several real estate owners have started accepting cryptocurrencies. People interested in bitcoins may check the bitcoin kaufen mit paypal blog to buy bitcoins with Paypal.

Don’t waste your money on improper repairs, and don’t unknowingly end up with      someone else’s headache.

When hiring a Certified EIFS Inspector

There are different types of EIFS certifications from different organizations. There are EIFS certifications that are limited to the surface, and there are certifications limited to new construction.  My specialty is the evaluation of the system and the effect that the system is having on the structure beneath the surface of the EIFS, and includes elements beyond the EIFS.

The Exterior Design Institute (EDI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the training and professional standards of Building Envelope Inspectors, EIFS Inspectors, and Moisture Analysts. I am a proud alumnus and affiliate of the Exterior Design Institute.   

Beyond EDI, I am EIFS Inspection Protocol trained and certified. The EIFS Protocol is the inspection (and report) standards developed for the court system during the famous Dryvit class settlement, and still used when evaluating EIFS for new and existing moisture warrantees. I am the only inspector certified to provide this quality and level of EIFS, Stucco, and other moisture intrusion related inspections and reports, including  MoistureFree Warranty inspections in Long Island, Westchester, Rockland County and New York City (including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Bronx).

I am a student and advocate of building science, with ties to the Building Science Corporation, and I have developed training material and trained Chubb Insurance appraisers at the corporate headquarters in Long Island; regarding EIFS and other moisture intrusion related anomalies.
During my more than 35 years of construction and inspection experience, I have built, rebuilt, troubleshot, solved and resolved many homes and buildings throughout New York, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland County.  I feel safe saying that "I am sure you have seen or driven by something that has my handprint on it.

Moisture analysis and water diversion is my specialty and passion. It is not a service I “also” provide.

When I arrive to do your inspection; I am dressed as if I am going to be climbing all over your building... because that is exactly what I am going to be doing (I've seen EIFS inspectors show up in sport coats and dress pants).

Every property I inspect is very valuable, and many are high end. All work is done in a first class manner and great care is given to leave the job with few (if any) indications of the inspection.


The report I provide will be a Certified Repot. It will include a very clear analysis and record as to the inspection results: it will be done based upon EIFS Protocol standards. It is broken down into sections with photographs, details, explanations, evaluations, and of course recommendations.

My evaluations are not only be based upon "correct and incorrect", or "manufacturer's specifications"; but perhaps more importantly based upon the effect that the system has had on the structure.

My reports are filled with relevant information - not meaninless fill or photographs.

When it comes to inspecting EIFS, Stucco, Stone, Brick veneer (etc.) in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester or Rockland County: I am second to none!

 Moisture Content Testing

Moisture content of the structure beneath the surface is the most important factor when testing EIFS or ANY other cladding system on a framed structure. Testing the moisture content is the ONLY way to confirm the effect that the system is having on a building. My inspections are based upon the EIFS Protocol. Moisture content testing is the backbone of my inspections. 

Thermal Imaging  (infrared)

Thermal imaging is a great tool to help diagnose a building. I am a Certified Thermographer and am equipped with state of the art thermal imaging equipment.

Diagnosing the exterior of a building for moisture intrusion by thermal imaging (infrared) can be (is) very tricky, and the information collected is not always reliable. The best way to collect the most reliable information with infrared is when the building exterior is changing temperature, which means shortly after sun-up or about two hours after sundown. After that, the exterior of the building has had the opportunity to equalize, and false negatives are not uncommon. 

Simply showing up with an infrared imager is not enough. Beware of an infrared inspection that takes place at random times of the day, beware of anyone that tries to convince you that an infrared scan is all you need, or infrared inspection with probing limited to infrared indicators. 

Anybody that tells you differently either does not know what they are talking about or is not being honest with you. 


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