EIFS-Exterior Insulated Finishing System


If you are considering buying a home or building that has an EIFS System

Have the EIFS System inspected before you buy the property. EIFS Systems that are improperly installed, can cause such damage, that repair of the damage can be very costly.  In some cases, the entire EIFS System needs to be removed in order to repair the sub-structure below.  Having the EIFS System inspected will reveal existing damage as well as future potential damage due to improper installation.

If you currently have an EIFS System on your home or building

If you have an EIFS system already installed  on your home or building, it's important to have it inspected annually.  The inspection will guide you as to needed repairs or maintenance, to ensure that your EIFS system operates properly.

If you are considering installing a new EIFS System

Avoid Future Costly Structural Repairs
If you are planning to have an EIFS system installed, the best advice I can give you is to have the installation inspected by a certified EIFS inspector after each and every phase of the installation process.  You will then avoid future structural damage that will be costly to repair.  Unfortunately, most EIFS installations are not installed properly.  Having the installation inspected phase by phase will allow for corrections to be made along the way, and for the final delivered product to be one that you will enjoy both cosmetically and energy efficient.

If you ever want to sell or refinance your home

Another factor to consider is that some lending institutions insist upon an EIFS inspection prior to financing or refinancing. If a system is not installed using the preferred method, they will turn down the loan. The fact is, the vast majority of residential installations HAVE NOT been installed using this method.

If you are looking for an EIFS Inspector

The inspector you choose should be a Certified EIFS Inspector. Those that carry the EDI Certified EIFS Inspector certification are considered by most in the industry to be the best trained and qualified.

As a graduate of the Exterior Design Institute, I carry the EDI Certified EIFS Inspector certification you are looking for. Please click on "About US" to gain more information about my experience and qualifications.